A wedding means so many different things to so many different people. After all, there are different styles of weddings, places for weddings, reasons, themes, and so much more! What everyone can agree on is that that special day is all about two people falling in love, and celebrating that love while being surrounded by family and friends. But, leading up to that is a whole lot of planning. This is where many brides begin to get stressed out, and have their first meltdown of the season. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful, and there are a few key tips and tricks that will make planning a whole lot easier, and a whole lot more fun!

Location Location Location

wedding locationOne of the most important things to tackle right away is the location of the wedding. These tend to fill up quickly, so if a bride has her heart set on a certain location, this should be the first thing that she tackles! Gone are the days where people typically get married in a church. If a person isn’t particularly religious, there are still so many different options out there.


Big backyards are great for an outdoor summer wedding because there is a lot of space, it’s not so expensive, and there’s so much fun decor a person can utilize! Getting married in a barn is a popular trend that more and more people have been utilizing. Barn weddings are fun, rustic, and the possibilities for decorating are endless. There is also the popular beach wedding. It’s great to celebrate love, feel the wind in your hair, and get a little sand in your toes. Beach weddings can also have gorgeous backdrops and are perfect for pictures! Lighthouses and the water provide excellent photo ops. The possibilities don’t end there. People also get married in a large variety of different places outdoors, or different halls throughout their towns and cities.

Planning The Guest List

2011-04-02_Signing_a_guest_bookGetting the guest list taken care of right away will eliminate stress. A person can start compiling a list of who they want to attend right away and get those invites out! That way a person can know how many people are coming, and who to plan meals, seating, etc. for.



As soon as the guest list is planned, a person can come up with seating arrangements and different jobs such as ring bearer, flower girls, ushers, readers, and whatever else is necessary! Tackling the important job of who will be in the wedding party right away is also ideal, because than those people can immediately start helping with the planning and the fun! The most important investment of your wedding is the wedding photographer. You need to make sure to find a company which listen to your ideas and follows your vision. The quicker all the guests are taken care of, the quicker the invites can be sent out and the planning of colors and everything else can begin.